Alexander is a young father who makes a living in marketing. His job requires him to make long days and he often works overtime, thats why the relationship with his daughter Ivy has detriorated. They don’t often talk. Besides that, Alexander is a creative person who likes to draw and photograph birds.

Alexander is portrayed by Sjors Wijlhuizen


Emily is Alexander’s girlfriend. She worries about the fact Alexander has to work so much, and on top of that is not happy with the problematic relationship between her boyfriend and their daughter. She tries to reconnect the family and has therefore rented a bungalow in Groningen.

Emily is portrayed by Marloes ten Kate


Ivy is Alexander and Emily’s only daughter. She is cheerful, active but also curious. Ivy has a good relationship with her mother. Even though she picks up on some of the signs that her parents relationship might have some problems, she still does her own thing and hopes it will get better someday.

Ivy is portrayed by Maud Swinkels

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